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OCR Cambridge Technical (2012)
L2 Extended Certificate in
Information Technology


BTEC National (2016)
L3 Diploma in

OCR GCSE (1-9) (2016)
Computer Science
  BTEC National (2016)
L3 Extended Certificate in
Information Technology

OCR GCE Applied
Information Communicartion

  BTEC National (2010)
L3 Extended Diploma in
Information Technology

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New year... New site!!!
Enjoy the new look, layout, and resources. New courses introduced as well as the old faithfuls....
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These resources have been written with the prime intention to support my own learners. If you do stumble accross the site and choose to use it please ask permission. The resources are free and will remain so. By using this site and resources I assume you have read the terms page.

Useful Stuff....

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Programming Planning Techniques
A-Level Computing Algorithm Exam Questions
A-Level Computing 1.1.3 Networks Revision Notes
A-Level Computing 1.1.3 Networks Exams Questions


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