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OCR Cambridge Technical (2012) L2 Extended Certificate in IT
  Course Administration Materials
  Unit 01: Communicating in the IT Industry
  Unit 02: Working in the IT Industry
  Unit 04: Installing computer hardware
  Unit 09: Website Development
  Unit 11: Multimedia Design
Unit 02: Working in the IT Industry Teaching Topics

Individual Work
Employee Skills and Characteristics
      Unit 02: Working in the IT Industry Resources

    Unit 02 SpecificationOCRUnit specififcation - pdf file
    Unit 02 Assignment ***New 2014 Version***Mr C Johnstonpdf file
    Unit 02 MarkSheetMr C Johnstonpdf file
    Unit 02 Student BookHodder DLpdf file - ******Password Protected******
    Guide to Unit 02C JohnstonHelpsheet covering pass criterions for this unit
    E-skills web resources site to look at careers in ITOCR Sourced WebsiteA website that allows learners to look at careers in IT and pathways that are available to them.
    Belbin team rolesOCR Sourced WebsiteThis website allows users to gain an idea of the sort of team player they are, based on the work of Dr Belbin.
    IT Jobs WatchOCR Sourced WebsiteThis website allows candidates to see the requirements of IT specific job roles.
    IT jobs in the computer games industryOCR Sourced WebsiteThis website gives some details about job roles in the more creative side of the IT industry.
    The IT Job BoardOCR Sourced WebsiteThis is a job search website that allows candidates to see the requirements of IT specific job roles.
    Sample job descriptionOCR Sourced WebsiteThis online document shows a sample job description for an entry level programmer in order to give some idea of the personal specification that is required, and what a personal specification looks like.
    Youth SkillsOCR Sourced WebsiteThis website takes candidates through some of the skills that may be required by an employer.
    What do employers really want?OCR Sourced WebsiteThis website provides the generic skills that an employer may want from an employee over and above the skills required for a specific position.
    Got what it takes to be part of a professional IT team?OCR Sourced WebsiteResources and advice for working in the IT industry.
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