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GCE Applied A-Level in ICT
  Course Administration Materials
  G040:Using ICT to Communicate
  G041:How Organisations Use ICT
  G042:ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society
  G043:System Specification and Configuration
  G045:Software Development - Design
  G046:Communicating Using Computers
  G048:Working To A Brief
  G049:Numerical Modelling Using Spreadsheets
  G050:Interactive Multimedia Products
  G053:Developing and Creating Websites
  G055:Networking Solutions
  G057:Database Design
  G058:Developing and Maintaining ICT Systems for Users
G057:Database Design Teaching Topics

Individual Work
G057 - Unit Deadline
Ensure that your work is complete, in order and page numbered prior to handin.
    Unit Introduction
    Read the specification and familier yourself with the requirements of this unit.
    Download and read the textbook chapters which are on the secure area of the website
      Introduction To Database System Concepts
        Referential Integrity
        Think about other situations where splitting data into different tables helps to maintain the ingretity of it
          From Entity To Table
            From Scenario To Design
            Complete the tasks indicated on the last slide
              Data Modelling Challenge
                Complete the normalisation exercise on the last slide
                  Designing User Interfaces
                  Use these notes to help you design input forms for your database system
                    Testing Databases
                    Use these notes to help you make a test plan for your database to ensure it works properly
                        G057:Database Design Resources

                      G057 - Database Design SpecificationOCR Websitepdf file
                      G057 - Database Design MarksheetOCR Websitepdf file
                      G057 - Database Design Marksheet (interactive version)OCR Websitepdf file
                      G057 - Database Design Assignment 2011Mr C Johnstonpdf file
                      G057 - Database Design Text BookHeinemannscans of both the textbook for this unit and the old vce database unit available on the secure area
                      G057 - Contents PageMr C Johnstonpdf file
                      Pukka Pizza Logo - OfficialMr C Johnstonjpg file - use right click and save as
                      Pukka Pizza Logo - Bootleg VersionKiran Vithal 2006jpg file - use right click and save as
                      Very Rough Example Pizza Shop DatabaseMr C Johnston - locked down so cant access behind the scenesmdb file - use right click and save as
                      Example Receipt From The Very Rough Pizza Shop DatabaseMr C Johnstonpdf file
                      Human Computer Interface Design SummaryMr C Johnstonpdf file - notes on how to dssign good forms for your database
                      ACCESS TUTORIALS: Getting Started With AccessCoventry Univeristypdf file
                      ACCESS TUTORIALS: Complete Access Tutorial Set??????pdf file c2mb
                      ACCESS TUTORIALS: Creating Secure Forms In AccessMr C Johnstonpdf file - learn how to remove the micorsoft controls from forms
                      ACCESS 2010 TUTORIALS: Removing Ribbon and Navigation PanelMr C Johnstonpdf file
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