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GCE Applied A-Level in ICT
  Course Administration Materials
  G040:Using ICT to Communicate
  G041:How Organisations Use ICT
  G042:ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society
  G043:System Specification and Configuration
  G045:Software Development - Design
  G046:Communicating Using Computers
  G048:Working To A Brief
  G049:Numerical Modelling Using Spreadsheets
  G050:Interactive Multimedia Products
  G053:Developing and Creating Websites
  G055:Networking Solutions
  G057:Database Design
  G058:Developing and Maintaining ICT Systems for Users
  G051:Publishing Resources

G051 - Unit SpecificationOCRpdf file
G051 - Unit MarksheetOCRpdf file
G051- Unit MarksheetOCRpdf file interactive version
G051 - Unit Assignment #1OCRpdf file
G051 - Unit Assignment #2OCRpdf file
G051 - Unit Assignment #3OCRpdf file
G051 - A Quick Unit GuideC Johnstonpdf file
G051 - Sample CourseworkOCRsecured pdf file - assessors only requires password to open
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