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GCE Applied A-Level in ICT
  Course Administration Materials
  G040:Using ICT to Communicate
  G041:How Organisations Use ICT
  G042:ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society
  G043:System Specification and Configuration
  G045:Software Development - Design
  G046:Communicating Using Computers
  G048:Working To A Brief
  G049:Numerical Modelling Using Spreadsheets
  G050:Interactive Multimedia Products
  G053:Developing and Creating Websites
  G055:Networking Solutions
  G057:Database Design
  G058:Developing and Maintaining ICT Systems for Users
G046:Communicating Using Computers Teaching Topics

Individual Work
G046 - Unit Deadline
Ensure that your work is complete, in order and page numbered prior to handin
    Unit Intro and Task A Instructions
      Task B Part A Intro and Instructions
      Use these instructions to help you write about the features of a travel website. Remember to show the use of at least two technoloiges from the list in the assignment - REMEMBER HTML is not acceptable.
        Task B Part A - Identifying Web Technologies
        Use this presetentaion to help you spot different internet technologies on your chosen website
          Task B Part B Intro To HTML
            Task C Briefing Notes
            Use these notes to help write a report on the costs and items needed to build and host a web site.
              Task E Briefing Notes
              Use these notes to create a guide to explain the hardware, software and information required to connect to the internet, how to install and configure communications software and how to use and manage email software
                  G046:Communicating Using Computers Resources

                G046 - Communicating Using Computers SpecificationOCR Websitepdf file
                G046 - Communicating Using Computers MarksheetOCR Websitepdf file
                G046 - Communicating Using Computers Marksheet (interactive version)OCR Websitepdf file
                G046 - Communicating Using Computers Assignment 2010Mr C Johnstonpdf file
                G046 - Assessor Practical Work Observation RecordMr C Johnstonpdf file
                G046 - Contents PageMr C Johnstonuse this to order your work and ensure all required elements are present
                Sidney Stringer Acadmeny Aims Principles Objectives 2010 onwardsSindey Stringer Academy Staff Handbook 2010/11pdf file
                Annotated HTML Code ExampleMr C Johnstonpdf file - example of how code should be annotated
                Bare Bones HTML Guide file
                Beginners Guide To HTMLNCSApdf file
                FTP Server Linkftp:// this link to upload your webpage to the server. In later versions of IE need to goto "page>open ftp site in windows explorer" for it to work
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