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GCE Applied A-Level in ICT
  Course Administration Materials
  G040:Using ICT to Communicate
  G041:How Organisations Use ICT
  G042:ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society
  G043:System Specification and Configuration
  G045:Software Development - Design
  G046:Communicating Using Computers
  G048:Working To A Brief
  G049:Numerical Modelling Using Spreadsheets
  G050:Interactive Multimedia Products
  G053:Developing and Creating Websites
  G055:Networking Solutions
  G057:Database Design
  G058:Developing and Maintaining ICT Systems for Users
G043:System Specification and Configuration Teaching Topics

Individual Work
G043 - Unit Deadline
Ensure that your work is complete, in order and page numbered prior to handin.
    Introduction To The Unit
      Inside A Desktop PC
        Motherboards And Processors
          Input Devices, OutputDevices, and Peripherals
            Computer Storage
              Computer Software
                Specify Computer Components - Focuses on Task A of The Unit
                Using the brief on slide 7 - describe the user requirements, input / outputs and suggest possible hardware which could be used.
                  Use these sheets to mark somebody else in the classes task a attempt and give them constructive feedback.
                    Task A Feedback 2009
                    Use the notes to improve your first attempt at task a.
                      Task C - Practical Work Briefing Notes
                        Writing Computer Specifications - Focuses on Task B of The Unit
                        Commence writing your specification for task b of the assignment.
                          Tack E - Briefing Notes - Essay which makes recommendations for ensuring safety and security
                          Use the topics headings in the lecture and the links to the notes within in it to help you write you essay for task e
                            Task D - Briefing Notes - Making Macros, Templates, Menus, Toolbars to Improve Effciency
                            Use notes to give you background information on how to complete task d
                              Task F - Briefing Notes - Basics of Software Development
                              Use notes to give you background information on how to complete task f
                                Task G - Briefing Notes - Writing Your Evaluation
                                Use notes to give you background information on how to complete task g
                                    G043:System Specification and Configuration Resources

                                  G043 - System Specification and Configuration SpecificationOCRpdf file
                                  G043 - System Specification and Configuration Mark SheetOCRpdf file
                                  G043 - System Specification and Configuration Mark Sheet (Interactive Version)OCRpdf file
                                  G043 - System Specification and Configuration AssignmentMr C Johnstonpdf file
                                  Practical Work LogMr C Johnstonword template - use right click and save as - use this form to help plan practical work
                                  Assessor Observation RecordMr C Johnstonpdf file - used by your assessor to verify the practical activities done
                                  G043 - Contents PageMr C Johnstonpdf file - use this to ensure your folder is in order
                                  Installing Windows XPMr C Johnstonpdf file - few of the steps involved in getting an OS onto a blank computer with no drives configured
                                  Tasks Which Could Be ScheduledMr C Johnstonpdf file - Some notes on how to automate some system maintainence tasks using schedule task
                                  Sample documents for help with task b/d templatesGNVQ Bookpdf file
                                  Sample Code For Task FMaking Sense of Modula-2pdf file - copy and paste some code to illustrate principals in task f
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